Building Up A Brand From Scratch

Building up a brand from scratch is not an easy task because if your product or service is not absolutely unique, you will have to find ways of convincing the public and your potential customers why they should choose your fairly unknown brand over the well established brands in the market. Of course, while this is not an easy task, it is not an impossible one and there have been numerous brands in the market that have succeeded in doing just that. The key is for you to be creative and for you to appeal to your target market in the right way. To do this however, you will need to identify your target markets. You do not need to have just one target market, you can have many but you will need to list them in order because you can have only one primary target market and identifying what it is can be quite a task.

Identifying your target market

As mentioned above, you can have more than one target market but you need to know who your primary target market is. For example, if your business sells kids shoes, your target market is not kids but parents because they are the ones spending the money but on the other hand, it takes a kid to fall in love with your brand to convince the parent to buy the product. In this case, who do you target?

You will need to find different marketing strategies to get different people to fall in love with your brand. You can go to a digital printing company and have them print out stickers that you can hand out to kids at malls. Kids love stickers and will probably paste the stickers on their school books, their lunch boxes, their water bottle and their school bags and go to school creating awareness of your brand among other kids in the school too.

You can also print out some car stickers and ask parents to put the quality car sticker on their car in order to win a free product if they are spotted with the sticker on their car in the streets by your product team.

Everyone loves free things and you will therefore find hundreds of parents queuing up to paste stickers on their cars which will indeed add to your branding. By doing this, you are essentially having people join your branding team without even knowing it and all you need to sacrifice is one free product which will also work towards word of mouth advertising and product reviews.