Month: November 2015

Innovative Ways To Make Your Brand Scream

The world is been taken over by all the glitz and glamour it possibly can and NOBODY is complaining. So it’s a good thing as the creativity is endless and certainly limitless! Ranging from fashion accessories, to make up to beers and casinos, all that razzle-dazzle is sure to make a warm glow in everyday business. The infamous saying, history repeats is sure true, as the vintage décor and vintage signboards are making a comeback in today’s world.

Think about the good old days man caves and pubs, witty catch phrases and luminescent lights, yes if your mind wonders to the era of neon signage and lights, you have come to the right place.

No more restricted for old motels and clubs, this neon signage has come far beyond from that point to making something stand out in your everyday business. Here’s how you can put the glow in your everyday home or business within your budget!

Marquee lighting

This will be a modern twist to vintage lighting. Marquee lighting reminds every one of the famous 60’s. Flashing of string lights in a methodical pattern is what differentiates from a boring signboard. This easy to do sign will really make your message clear and standout from the rest. All you need is wooden or cardboard letters, attached with string lights from the back. Fix the wording in a prominent and visible place and see how your customers reaction towards your new change.

Rope lighting

If you’re looking for a more vibrant and stylish way of promoting your message, invest in a few rope lighting. It can do you no wrong! Decide on a meaningful and creative wording or shape and fix your LED lighting accordingly. You now have a way of giving out your message as well as giving a style touch to your boring walls. Here are more information regarding shop signage on this link


Shadow box lighting

If your one of those people who prefers dim lightening but and confused as to how you will coordinate luminesce lighting to your space? The perfect solution for this will be use of shadow box with no harsh lighting. Build your own shadow box, stencil the message of your choice and attach it to the wooden box. Place string lights inside the shadow box and place it in the location of your choice. Now you have a way of communicating your message without the use of harsh lighting.

Luminous typography

This is what you get when you combine string art with LED lighting. Print the choice of wording you wish to illuminate and attach it to plywood. Use nails to outline the border of each letter in your wording. Rip of the print out which acted like your stencil/template and decorate with LED strings as you desire. Be sure to keep the base secured when plugging in.