Month: October 2015

Steps To Avoid Lost Luggage

Have you ever been in that extremely uncomfortable situation where you wait and wait at the baggage claim and there comes a point when seeing the belt go around with no more bags left makes your head spin. I don’t know what’s worse, the anticipation of seeing your bags again or realizing that the airline has probably lost your precious luggage and you don’t have anything to wear for weeks. Even though this does not happen often, the odds are it will happen to you at least once in your life.

Use modern technology.
When it comes to airlines, there’s no guarantee of the fact that you won’t lose your luggage but due to the growth in technology we’re able to track our luggage by using devices that will allow us to know where conference satchels Australia is at all times. These tracking devices act as a global positioning system for your luggage, they are the ultimate answer to the unreliability of airline and airport services.

Customize your luggage
There’s a higher risk of losing luggage for bags that do not have any tags or distinct markings on your bags. It is always better to be safe than sorry so tag your luggage and also when picking out suitcases and bags, be sure to pick something that looks eccentric so it is easily noticeable. Even when it comes to tags, there are all sorts of tags such as conference luggage tags, PVC flexible tags, Leather tags and many more but pick something that is sturdy and strong.

Also before you check in your luggage, take a picture of it so that incase it goes missing, you could use the photo in the airport to ask if anyone’s seen it. It’s such a hassle when you lose your luggage, its always the worst if you’re somewhere for a long period of time or for a important venture such as a business meeting and what not so to avoid the horror of losing your luggage, include those custom printed wristbands and leather tags. The tip mentioned below is not a way to avoid having your luggage lost but rather a way to pack smart so that if you do lose them, you won’t lose a lot money.

Do not pack valuable items
The biggest mistake you can make when travelling is by including your valuable and expensive, electronics or other things in the bags you check in. My advice would be to keep all of it in your carry on so that even if your luggage does go missing, you will not bear much of a loss. Most airlines allow you to bring one carryon on the plane with you and another small bag such as a laptop too so if you’re travelling on a plane, you should definitely make use of this so that you don’t lose a lot of important things in case you do lose our bags. Another little tip is to pack another outfit or two in your carryon so that you will not have to wear the same clothes over and over again while you’re stuck in a foreign country or another state with most of your clothes gone. The tips mentioned above will definitely help you not lose your luggage and they will also save you lot money if you do lose your luggage.